Other Services

Utilize the capabilities of PowerPoint* to create a multimedia presentation yourself. Then Camas VideoWorks turn it into a video that can be edited and played on your DVD player, on the computer as a Windows Media or QuickTime
file or played on the web. All the PowerPoint transitions and audio can be preserved or new audio and transitions can be added.

Video for Web

Utilize video to convey your message on your website. Camas VideoWorks can turn raw video into a compressed format suitable for the web including; Adobe Flash*, H264, Windows Media*, QuickTime*, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 formats. We can upload your video to sites like Youtube and Vimeo which makes it easier to share the video.

VideoWorks can also
transform your video into compressed formats for viewing on a computer. This allows training, communications, and promotions to be delivered via download or CD.

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Foreign Format Conversion

Although VCR tapes and DVD's from other countries may look the same as those in the United States, they may use a different recording format or region code that make your foreign video look like a scrambled cable channel. We can copy most foreign tapes and DVD's to United States (NTSC M) format for you to view on your player. We can also transfer your US formatted video tape or DVD to a foreign (PAL) format for sending to friends, relatives or business partners abroad.

Video Tape Repair

If a valuable video or audio tape has been eaten or broken, bring it in and we can usually repair it for a nominal fee. We can also transfer it to a DVD or CD so you can enjoy or share it.