Video tapes to Video & DVD

After less than 20 years, your valuable videos can have noticeable deterioration like dropouts, color shifting and random lines on the screen. Just about any video tape format can be transferred including; Mini-DV, VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Betamax, 8mm (video tape, not film), Hi8, Digital-8, 3/4" tape, Laser Disk. The DVD is delivered in a DVD case with custom title.

You have three options for transferring video tapes to DVD.
  1. Direct transfer to DVD with no editing. This is the low cost method.
  2. Capture video into the computer and schedule time to edit the video. You sit side by side with the editor to create exactly what you want. This results in a more polished video with all the "not so great" scenes removed. The video is then delivered on a a custom authored DVD.
  3. Capture video and save as editable video files so you can edit the video yourself. The files can be delivered for editing on a PC or a Mac.