8mm & 16mm Movies to Video

Where are those old family movies? Do you have a projector that works to watch them? Liberate your 8mm, super 8mm, sound super 8mm and 16mm movies by transferring them to DVD. We transferred over 25,000 feet of movies to DVD last year alone! Our customers say it best on our testimonials page.

Your movies are captured using broadcast quality 3CCD video camera that has more dynamic range and color clarity than a consumer video camera. Watch those precious memories as easily as watching your favorite movie. It's so easy to share with family members by ordering several copies. Here's what we do:
  • Transfer films to the computer where we trim off the leader and tail ends of each movie and color correct them. NOTE: You can specify the order you wish them transferred by numbering each reel.
  • Edit them together so they play contiguously.
  • Put chapter marks between each reel just like a professional movie (some competitors charge for this!)
  • Author final video to DVD with a professional DVD menu
  • Create a custom DVD case with shots from the movies on the front cover and custom title. The image above is an example.
  • The original movies are returned to you along with the DVD

Up to 2 hours can be captured onto a DVD. 8mm movies typically come on 50 ft (3inches), 200 ft (5 inches) or 400 foot (7 inches) reels. A 50 foot film reel fits in the palm of your hand is about 3.5 minutes long so you can fit over 30 reels on one DVD!!