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Here is a summary of the costs of our services. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and to get a quote.
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Single camera shoot Onsite for up to 3 hours to capture wedding and reception using single camera, deliver 3 DVDs. Many options available to suit your needs.
Multi camera shoot Multicam capture of wedding and reception (up to 4 hours total onsite), deliver 3 DVDs. Blu-ray available
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Promotional/Training Video Production  
Single camera shoot Single HD camera, professional mic and lighting
Two camera shoot Two HD cameras, professional mic and lighting
Edit & Production Editing and production of final content (e.g., DVD, H.264, WMV, FLV)
8mm film>computer 8mm or Super 8mm movie to computer, price per foot
8mm film sound>computer Super 8mm sound movie to computer, price per foot
16mm film>computer 16mm movie to computer, price per foot
Add Music Add Music to video per song
Video Title Add title to video, per title
DVD authoring DVD authoring. Price per DVD and varies by # of reels
Film splice Splice movie film, per splice
Transfer NTSC Video>DVD Transfer up to 2 hours NTSC video tape directly to DVD
Transfer PAL Video>DVD Transfer up to 2 hours PAL video tape directly to DVD
Transfer video addl hour Cost for each addl hour of analog transfer to DVD
Transfer Video>computer Transfer video tape to computer for editing, up to 2 hours
Tape change fee Tape Change Fee per tape
DVD Duplication DVD duplication with Amaray case & custom label
Archive DVD Archive DVD in CD case
Tape Repair Repair/Splice Video Tape
Video format conversion Convert video to customer specified format
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Audio tape>CD Transfer up to 72 minutes of audio tape to CD
LP>CD Transfer LP record to CD
Tape Repair Repair Audio Tape
CD Duplication Duplication of CD
Scan photo Scan picture to image file
Scan slide Scan slide to image file
Domain purchase Purchase web domain name for 1 year
Web Hosting Web Hosting for one year
Website development Development of website per hour
Live Event Capture Live Event Capture Hourly Rate
Studio edit time Studio editing time per hour
Equipment Rental Rental of projection and sound equipment
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*Prices are subject to change. Please contact us for a quote.